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Audrey Rose, LPC, Psychologist

Relationships to the self and others feed and nurture us throughout life.  Relationships can also cause pain and confusion.  My approach to therapy is a thoughtful look into your relationships with yourself and important others.  Therapy is a space to explore what has worked, failed, and what is still unknown in our lives. 

I am driven to create close and genuine connections with the individuals who frequent my office, no matter what the circumstances.  I believe that you are the wisest healer of your life; I am here to listen, guide, and support you along the way. 

As a therapist, I am eager to provide a space filled with self-reflection and empathic listening.  In my own journey through life, I’ve tried to embrace a growth mindset rather than the one I held for many years – “I am fixed with permanent traits and difficulties.”  I held the belief for many years that singers were born with perfect voices and couldn’t imagine that I could train my voice to improve.  Shifting my perspective to know I can overcome challenges with relationships, anxiety, and food was a pivotal moment in my world.  Holding this belief, I work hard on keeping my own judgment out of sessions and opening my heart to each individual.

My philosophy of mental health is extremely fluid.  As I continue to do my own work on evolving as a human, I feel inclined to focus on what the person in my office needs.  I treat clients with respect and strive to help them move through discomfort, rather than avoid it.  Brene Brown’s research findings on shame completely changed my outlook on suffering and influenced me to seek growth by “putting words to shame.”  I believe in the healing power of storytelling, especially with a supportive and active audience.

Mindfulness practices can lead us to a deeper understanding of our somatic (body-based) world, while also strengthening our ability to cultivate personal serenity and relieve tension.  I serendipitously discovered mindfulness meditation over 9 years ago and have noticed remarkable changes in managing unpleasant and overwhelming emotions.  These days, I find most of my meditation practice occurs during yoga where the mind-body connection is nearly impossible to avoid!

My own creative endeavors in art, music, and ceramics find their way into therapy -- sometimes through dialogue, expression, or simply just allowing two people to create something unique and meaningful together. 

Some examples of my training and experience:

  • Therapy styles: Humanistic, psychodynamic, narrative, interpersonal, and Emotion Focused Therapy

  • Over 8 years of experience working in the mental health field with a wide-range of remarkable and resilient individuals

  • Extensive training in couples’ therapy and attachment styles

  • LGBTQ individuals

  • New parents

  • Parents of teenagers

  • Sexual assault survivors

  • Individuals with complex trauma

  • Substance abuse, including: marijuana dependence, alcoholism, and opioid dependence

  • Eating and binging challenges