Lessons from Maple #1 - July 2017

So, I'm a dog mom again.  Not nearly the equivalent of being a parent to a child, but still a role of responsibility and care taking.  And wow - I feel tired, and lucky as hell! She is inspiring to me, and reminds me of how transcendent and delightful it is to truly be in each moment.  

Maple doesn't hold grudges and she is eternally tickled by just about everything! Every time someone comes in to the CMP office, Maple is excited and happy to see them.  She gently wags her tail and sniffs away - the ultimate sign of "wanting to get to know you."  She is also unabashedly open to affection, snuggles and pets.  I mean, why wouldn't she be? It's a win-win.  She soaks up the lovin' and the petter releases a gentle stream of oxytocin that makes them feel more relaxed and content.  I love that she trusts everyone to treat her kindly.  And so far while she's been with me, everyone has.  Her love, acceptance and openness of them triggers the same toward her.  Good lesson for us complicated humans.

Maple is inspiring to me because everything in her world with me is new to her, and she has embraced it with bravery and courage.  She's not afraid to show fear, and seeing her bare fear - not aggression, just fear - opens wellsprings of compassion in me.  When I first brought her home, she was afraid of the stairs.  She'd been kept in a cage her whole life, so stairs, grass, furniture, cars - all these were new.  When first faced with this looming staircase, her small body shook with fear and she cowered away.  Within a half hour, though, of patiently coaxing her each step and rewarding her with praise, pets and peanut butter, she learned a new skill.  Now multiple times a day she takes a running start and clumsily, awkwardly bounds up the stairs, with the thrill and triumph of winning the Olympic gold medal for stair-climbing!  She is not ashamed of her imperfections.  In fact, she isn't self-conscious at all!  So refreshing.  She just is who she is, and she loves life no matter what it brings.  

Come meet Maple soon - I'm 100% positive she'd love to meet you!