Dance and Movement Therapy for Grief and Loss

$200 | 6-week group | No drop-ins

woman dancing

This 6-week group is intended for people who have experienced grief and loss (within a year) and are finding their paths to grieving in ways that are healthier and offer comfort. As the body is where the emotions dwell and express themselves, this group will include guided “bodyfulness” and mindfulness exercises to reduce the anxiety and physical pain associated with grieving, as well as shared discussions and creative resourcing between facilitator and participants to collectively embrace each unique agenda to re-plant life.

Grief can feel isolating, but the life in grief can be shared and joined. This group was created to:

  • Ease and navigate the physical symptoms of grief
  • Help you care for difficult and overwhelming emotions
  • Support awareness of and groundedness in the present moment
  • Cultivate your compassion towards self and others
  • Embrace and make meaning from the embodied expressions of grief and loss
Maximum of 15 participants

Contact us for more information or to register.