6-week group, next start date TBD                                    $180 for full 6-weeks

                       6-week group, next start date TBD

                                  $180 for full 6-weeks

I Love You and You Make Me Crazy!

Do you ever feel like you're walking on eggshells around your loved one?  Feel like you can't say anything right? Ever get your buttons pushed? You're not alone! This group is support and education for people in especially challenging or toxic relationships, romantic, family or otherwise. We'll learn practical skills and support each other on more reliably:

  • Staying calm instead of exploding
  • Not taking on your loved one’s emotion as your own
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Understanding what’s going on inside your loved one
  • Avoiding emotional “traps” that just lead to fights

Learn from the experts and others in similar relationships how to stay collected, calm and compassionate!