Who We Are

Kate Dwyer, Administrative Assistant

Kate Dwyer


Kate joined Andersonville Psychology and Chicago Mindful Psychology in the Summer of 2023. After spending most of her working life in the veterinary field, she recognizes that helping people and animals has guided her to her lifelong purpose. The opportunity to work in the Andersonville community, where she resides with her two children, was an essential perk for her. She appreciates any opportunity to work in and around those who strive to normalize mental health discussions and be inclusive, curious, and mindful while creating a safe space for all.

When not working as our Office Care Assistant, you can find Kate chasing adventure with her children, who deem the city of Chicago “their playground”! You may also see her walking to and from the Andersonville neighborhood, as her first love of animals led her to create her private pet-sitting business. Kate has had a lifelong passion for advocating for causes she cares about, which has grown into volunteering – many times with her kids at the hip! She strives to help foster community by amplifying the needs for housing and healthcare for all, as well as climate protection. Kate also appreciates music, living close to the lake, and a cup of tea – which she keeps restocked every Tuesday in the Andersonville office.