Chicago based therapy and cognitive behavioral psychotherapy practice specializing in mindfulness-based interventions for individuals and couples offering dialectical improvisation group mindfulness sessions, meditation, depression, bipolar, anxiety, relationship conflict, family conflict, Buddhist psychology, class, PTSD, posttraumatic stress disorder, Andersonville, substance abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse, addictions, treatment, DBT, trauma

Maria Millett, LCSW

Therapy can sound like a daunting endeavor, but I gently challenge you to open yourself up to the possibility of loving yourself more and creating the life you desire.  With years of attending therapy myself as a client, I recommend it to all persons wanting to change their life for the better.  Therapy allows for a safe space to heal our hurts and shift the direction of our internal and external worlds with the guidance of a trained professional.

My personal mindfulness and meditation practice began over three years ago, and the transformations it has brought into my life are tangible and life altering. 

Living in a mindful state has helped me to love myself more, conquer personal emotional challenges, and connect with the best version of myself.  I have always had a heart for helping others and want to empower you to find and believe in your inner strengths.

I value honoring you (clients) for who you are and what you desire for your own life journey.  It is my goal and desire to offer emotional support and positive encouragement as you seek growth in your life.  I believe in the power of building trust, listening without judgment, and working side by side with you to help you determine your own path to success.  I am passionate about helping others improve communication skills, change negative thinking patterns, and enhance relationships all around.  With bravery and courage you can heal your wounds and find peace and joy.

“We are all a work in progress.”

Areas of interest and experience include:

  • Children and youth
  • Parenting
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Self-Worth
  • Life Transitions
  • Grief and Loss