Saturday, April 27, 9-12pm in Andersonville  $100/one parent or two

Saturday, April 27, 9-12pm in Andersonville

$100/one parent or two


Mindful Parenting

Modern families are busier and more over-scheduled than ever. It can seem daunting to take on one more thing, even if that thing can create more space, peace, and relaxation to our lives. Join us as we apply mindful awareness and compassion to parenting - the toughest job you’ll ever love.

The research around mindful parenting focuses on the emotional reactivity of the parent. It is said that every human child is born premature - our nervous systems and brains are still developing after birth and the most evolved part of the brain (the prefrontal cortex) develops in direct relationship to the environment (parents). Kids need a well regulated and emotionally available nervous system to attach to for optimal growth and development. They need us to be well regulated in order to calm down, to regulate their emotions, to help build their brains to the greatest benefit. This is why it has been said that our children are the greatest beneficiaries of our inner work and our meditation practice.

Once parents are able to heal the wounds that lead us to act unconsciously rather than from our basic goodness, parenting wisdom has the opportunity to arise naturally.

The easiest and most effective way for a child to learn about meditation is for their parent to be a meditator. Our children pick up on everything we do (like it or not) so parents who learn how to meditate set a positive example of caring for self and others that radiates out through the home and out into the world.