Noel Quigley, MA, LPC

We are all born with the innate ability to connect deeply and authentically with ourselves and others. We are whole and hold all that we need within. This ability can guide us along a path in tune with our highest selves-- a path of joy, connection, and great strength.

Along our path, however, we are exposed to experiences and influences that can cause us to become disconnected with this inner ability, this inner truth. As a result, we may feel unhappy, shameful, guilty, anxious, or many other emotions.

I believe that in the therapeutic relationship, we join together as a team within a safe space. Here you can begin to connect, speak, grow, heal, and ultimately reconnect with and trust yourself. Many tools and avenues can be utilized in this journey. Becoming comfortable speaking your truth, movement and breathing exercises to reconnect with the body, and understanding yourself in relation to your experiences are only some of those tools. Along the way, I provide an empathic ear, a skilled reflection of what I hear and feel, guidance based on experience and training, and unconditional positive regard. 

Mindfulness and meditation are other tools that foster and nourish this connection to the self. They can help to slow down the fast-paced world and help you to appreciate the passing moments and your existence in those moments while they are happening. When I practice mindfulness and meditation in my personal life, I notice that things feel easier. I find that I can more easily operate from a space of responding as opposed to reacting to situations, appreciate small joys, and accept uncomfortable or painful tides. As a human and a highly sensitive person at that, I am no stranger to having HUGE reactions to things and regretting these actions later after thinking it through. With meditation and mindfulness in my daily routine, I feel a greater connection to my thoughts and feelings before I respond. I feel more lightness and ease in relationships, work, and problem-solving that has come from a lot of practice in the use of these tools — a task that continues every day! 

Using mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and talk therapy, we will collaborate on your unique healing journey. I look forward to helping you along the journey to reconnect with your innate wholeness and live a life in tune with you.