Riley Koren, MA Intern

Sitting still has always been a challenge for me. I was introduced to meditation as a child, and I struggled through 10 minutes each day of quietly doing nothing, until I finally told my parents how much I disliked it and they assured me I was free to stop. Since then, I have learned that while sitting still does have its value, mindfulness is not just something to practice on a cushion in a quiet room. Rather, it is a way of existing. 

How mindful I am determines how much I get to enjoy my precious time with my family, how focused and inspired I am in my work, how stressed I feel, and how many headaches I get.

As a massage therapist of 8 years, I have seen that mental/emotional well-being and physical well-being are inseparable. As a human working through my own issues, I have been able to create change by giving a gently persistent, holistic attention to my entire being. I believe that we all have the capacity to find healing within ourselves, if we are honest, and if we are willing to look. As a counselor, I hope to offer a safe space in which you can engage in self-exploration, move forward in your process of healing and growth, and develop an endless source of self-love.

My specialties include:

  • Body-based therapies and healing techniques
  • Holistic wellness