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Kat aldag, MA Intern

In counseling, I want to connect with you and help you connect with yourself, at your own pace.  I create a compassionate space in which you can cope without criticism. As a counselor, I approach therapy as a collaboration between equals, and I believe that you’re the authority on yourself.  In my practice, I avoid condensing you to a simplistic category; I take into account personal and social issues such as identity, the mind-body connection, power, and privilege — all the things we can and can’t control. Considering and accepting your whole self, you can work to withstand and welcome the world in a way that works for you.

In my personal pursuit of wellness, I didn’t realize until recently that I couldn’t cover up my problems with a fake smile or a miracle pill.  In order to feel better, my goal had always been to get out of my head because that was the problem, right? Being stuck in my head? So, I spent a long time seeking answers outside myself… unsuccessfully.  While I am still on my own journey, I know this much: as I allow myself to turn inward to that place that I have always feared, that place where I’m “not supposed to go,” I find peace and radical self-acceptance, and it makes me feel free.