Chicago based therapy and cognitive behavioral psychotherapy practice specializing in mindfulness-based interventions for individuals and couples offering dialectical improvisation group mindfulness sessions, meditation, depression, bipolar, anxiety, relationship conflict, family conflict, Buddhist psychology, class, PTSD, posttraumatic stress disorder, Andersonville, substance abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse, addictions, treatment, DBT, trauma

Scott Pasko, LCSW, CADC

Ever since I can recall I’ve enjoyed listening to others and supporting people when they are struggling. I don’t view people as “broken” or as something to be fixed, but I believe we can all benefit from the support of others: including myself. 

I possess years of personal and professional experience in nurturing recovery from substance use and mental health concerns.  Through many career and life transformations, I've learned we each possess tremendous strength and courage and that our life is filled with infinite possibilities.

Whether we like it or not, we also have distress and emotional, mental, or physical pain in our life. We can’t avoid or change the fact that we will have highs and lows, but we can change how we respond to our distress and our personal pains. I want to help you experience and grow from the difficult and challenging moments in your life. No matter what your joys and struggles are, you are capable of finding a place in your life where you can be open, accepting and free. I will be present with you and help you find a way to achieve your goals. By practicing mindfulness and engaging in the collaboration of therapy you can achieve your goals and experience positive change and growth. I look forward to collaborating together to help you grow and change in a positive direction!