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We offer individual, couples, and family therapy services.


Groups & Workshops

We offer group therapy and workshops providing therapeutic support that incorporates mindfulness for anger management, addiction recovery, grief support, and more.


Meditation Support

We host free to attend drop-in and virtual group meditation, as well as workshops focused on the practices of meditation and mindfulness.

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Meet Our Team

Our team consists of highly skilled, diversely qualified clinicians with specialties that include the integration of mindfulness skills and meditation, as well as addiction and recovery support, somatic-based therapeutic practices, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)– among other specialties. They are psychotherapists first and foremost, and each clinician has their own personal relationship to mindfulness in addition to their training in mental health care.

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How Can We Help?


Learn more about our services and see answers to frequently asked questions.

How Can We Help?


Learn more about our services and see answers to frequently asked questions.

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About our Partner Practice

Andersonville Psychology is a group practice that focuses heavily, though not exclusively, on providing affirmative, trauma-informed, and evidence-based care for the LGBTQIA* communities. Andersonville Psychology was founded in 2017, and Chicago Mindful Psychotherapy became a subsidiary in January 2020. Andersonville Psychology offers psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and families, as well as gender affirmative support services and psychological testing.

Their clinical team is diverse in training and experience, and they specialize in working with members of the LGBQIA* and TGNC populations, as well as folx from diverse relationship structures. Our practices work together administratively, such as for referrals, so you can be connected with a clinician who meets your needs. Our team also collaborates through clinical supervision and continued education and training.

Chicago Mindful Psychotherapy is now Andersonville Mindfulness & Psychology